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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hill won't seek another term.

Cumberland County Mayor Brock Hill, has announced that he will not seek another term as Mayor of Cumberland County!

And soon it will be election time here in Cumberland County, TN. If you're a Cumberland County resident be sure to remember who voted to make Cumberland County the "Ashtray of Tennessee".

"THE ELEVEN": Commissioners Tollett; David Gibson, 4th District; Jack Davis and Trey Kerley, 5th District; Wendell Wilson and Terry Carter, 6th District; Harvel and Kenneth Carey, 7th District; Jeff Brown and Greg Maxwell, 8th District; and Cramer.

This election cycle let them know: "It's not business as usual any more".

Monday, February 1, 2010

NO Coal Combustion Waste in Cumberland County!

Don't Let Cumberland County Become the 'Ashtray' of Tennessee!

Golf CapitalWhen you think of Cumberland County, Tennessee, you think of the 'Golf Capital' of the state. However, that is not exactly what Smith Mountain Solutions, LLC has in mind for the partially reclaimed Turner Mine on Smith Mountain.

The Cumberland County Chapter of SOCM has been knee-deep in the struggle to keep Cumberland County free from a Coal Combustion Waste (CCW) landfill. Coal ash is severely toxic and inherently unsafe. To place it in a partially reclaimed mine that sits within the most toxic coal seam in the state, the Sewanee coal seam, has indeterminate severe consequences to the land and waters surrounding, the air and the health of the people in the Smith Mountain Community and Cumberland County. Do you live in Cumberland County? Join SOCM today, and help us save Cumberland County from becoming the 'ashtray' of Tennessee! We meet once a month on Mondays at 5:30pm (cst) in Crossville. To join, contact Chris Hill atchris@socm.org or call the SOCM office at (865)426-9455. For more information, visit us online.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

STOP the Hazardous Materials Landfill in Cumberland County

Show Up to Show Your Opposition to Coal Ash Landfill

Say YES to Protecting Cumberland County and Our Smith Mountain Neighbors, NO to the coal ash dump!

The Office of Surface Mining will have a public hearing on the proposal to put coal ash on top of Smith Mountain. Show up and show your opposition to using Cumberland County as an ash dump. 6 pm Thursday, Nov. 5 at Stone Memorial High School, 2800 Cook Road. Crossville (see map here)

OSM can stop the coal ash landfill! Show up and be counted!

You need not speak, but if you so choose, you will have three minutes. Speak from your heart. Tell OSM why you don't want coal ash in Cumberland County!

For more information:
Save Our Cumberland Mountains: 484-8079
Cumberland Stewards: 484-2633

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This Just In

Video from WSMV-TV Nashville


Friday, August 14, 2009

Smith Mountain residents file suit against county


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cumberland County Politicians and the Voters

The Two Story Outhouse: Cumberland County citizens on the bottom. Cumberland County politicians on top.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Small Victory for the Citizens of Cumberland County

The TDEC decision on Smith Mountain Solutions, LLC's request for a Permit-By-Rule for a coal ash dump:

"Smith Mountain Solutions has applied for construction of a landfill at the Cumberland coal site in Cumberland County. The permit application states the applicant plans to dispose of coal ash at this facility. The applicant’s permit application was for a Permit-by-Rule coal ash landfill as described in the Solid Waste Regulations at 1200-1-7-.02©(1.)(ii) (page 20 of the rules).

After examining the permit application and the solid waste regulations, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (the Department) determined that the applicant should modify the permit application and resubmit the request as a Class II landfill application. The reason for this decision is that the Department does not believe that the landfill permit application for this site meets the criteria as specified in Rule 1200-1-7-.02©(1)(ii) for a coal ash landfill for structural fill or other such similar uses as the commissioner may approve.

The Department has returned the original permit application to be revised as a Class II land fill permit application. The Department will follow the public notice and public comment requirements as set in the regulations insuring opportunities for public review. The Department will require the landfill proposal to be designed to meet the Department’s Class I landfill design criteria for geologic buffer, synthetic liner, leachate collection, etc."